About Crypto Pit

Crypto Pit Pty Ltd is a company based in Perth, Western Australia. We specialise in creating database driven websites for internal business use or for use by the general public. When we have time between jobs we create Software as a Service Websites (SaaS) like this one! That we operate ourselves. We are able to provide our services cheaper than the competition as we have all the resources in house to create, modify, host and operate websites like this. Our overhead cost is low, which means you pay less!

About School Portal

School portal is a simple but powerful tool to empower your school to take charge of its ecommerce. School portal includes a feature rich online lunch ordering system, that enables you to connect with a local food and drink supplier to allow them to take lunch orders online. You can even have multiple food and drink suppliers operating at once. Also included in School Portal is an online uniform shop to allow your P&C volunteer to manage the uniform ordering and distribution online. The last feature of School Portal is the Fundraising Events section. In here you can manage your own bookings without paying fees to another third party booking website. You can create your own custom events with your own custom ticketing structure that your users can pay for through the portal and directly into an account you control.

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